How I found essential oils

How I found essential oils

In 2015, I became a Mom and it was one of the most difficult times of my life. My pregnancy was a difficult one and my newborn suffered with extremely bad colic and reflux. In addition to this, I had postnatal depression and could not figure out why my child was constantly red and had a rash in the nappy area. I very quickly realized he was allergic to chemicals both in disposable diapers and typical shop bought bum creams. I made the switch to cloth diapers but could not find a bum cream that suited Ethan’s sensitive skin. That is when I started brewing my own using organic, natural ingredients and essential oils. It was not long after this, that a few Mom’s started commenting on my bum balm and asking where I bought it from. After realising other moms were also struggling to find these products (and didn’t want to make their own), “Sproglets” was born. It is a part-time wholesale business that has stood the test of time and the products are loved and used by other Moms to this day. 

Then 2020 hit us, like a freight train!! I went into lockdown with two kids under 5 years old, a PhD thesis to finish and a full time job. It was rough! After having to deal with depression and anxiety during certain periods of my life, I could recognise the signs but it was not until my son broke his femur that I finally broke. It was all too much, and back on medication I went. It was during this time that a very good friend said to me, you need essential oils. I was skeptical but desperate enough to try them. She sent me five small sample bottles and within a week I noticed a marked difference in my mood as well as muscle tension in my back. After doing my research, I signed up and have not looked back. One month after using the oils internally, topically and in a diffuser with my daily routine, I was able to go off my medication.

I am still learning and slowly changing my lifestyle to use oils in all aspects of my life, replacing cleaning chemicals, treating the plants in my garden and using them for my pets. It is so exciting to have found something natural to replace so many chemicals with and promote the general well being of my family.

I look forward to sharing how I use oils and what their many uses are. Contact me or follow my blog for more information.


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