Elf on the shelf 2020

Elf on the shelf 2020

If any year needed a bit of magic, its 2020! The “new normal” however presented many questions about the elves. Can they get COVID, will they be allowed to travel into South Africa, and will they wear their masks while staying with us? All these questions were posed by a five-year-old, who has had an extremely rough year. Having gone through lockdown, broke his femur, underwent surgery and had a friend from school lose his Dad, he was incredibly anxious and insecure. So, we had a long chat about elves, how they are magical beings that can’t get COVID but that they respect our president and so they will be getting a COVID test before entering the country and wearing masks when outside the house. These answers seemed to satisfy him, and we were able to have the magical Christmas period that he really needed.

My five-year-old believed my spin about Elves being magical creatures that cannot get COVID but insisted that they need masks if they are coming to South Africa because “the police will arrest them if they go out the house without a mask”. So, Mommy made elf-size masks.

2020 ended with a bang for us. Christmas magic is the best cure for any sadness. Here is hoping for an amazing 2021. Wishing you and your families a prosperous year ahead. Follow my page on Facebook or the elves Instagram page @webbelvessa for the latest antics!

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