Kingfisher Interview Cloth Nappies Part 1- Myths busted

Kingfisher Interview Cloth Nappies Part 1- Myths busted

In February 2017, I was blessed to be asked by Lize-Mari Arthur from Kingfisher FM to take part in her “God’s Design” series. This would enable me to to help educate people about Modern cloth and all the ins and outs. This blog is one I wrote for the series. At the end you will find links to the Facebook live videos and podcasts off the Kingfisher FM Facebook page and website. Enjoy Part 1!

Hullo everyone,

I am Stacey, Mom to one spirited little boy. We started our cloth journey when Ethan was about 8 weeks old. Ethan suffered from very bad rashes in his nappy area, and I was lucky enough to have a very good friend that cloth diapered. Once we were shown the ropes, we started and within a week his rash was gone. I am now a co-owner of little cloth nappy company called “Smart Bums” that stocks a wide variety of nappy types. We aim to educate as many parents as possible about the benefits of cloth, enabling them to choose a diapering solution that suits their life-style and budget.

These are some of the questions I am most frequently asked:

  1. What are modern cloth diapers? I don’t want to have to fold stuff!

Modern cloth diapers are an easy-to-use modern take on cloth diapering. They are designed to snap/ velcro on and off just like a disposable. There is no folding of terry cloth diapers anymore (unless of course you want to ;)).

  1. What do you do with the Poo? Its gross!

Poo goes in the loo! 😉 It is a little-known fact that you are supposed to dispose of poo from a disposable before discarding it… NOONE does that! Modern cloth diapers are manufactured with a stay dry layer that poo mostly does not stick to so it can just drop off into the loo. If it’s a particularly sticky poo you can “dunk and swish” in the loo and flush with the diaper in the loo. Or you can pop down to CTM and get a sprayer to attach to a tap or the side of the loo. Breast milk poo dissolves in the wash so no need to rinse… it will wash off in the machine.

  1. They are time consuming!

Back when there were complicated folding manouvers to do on flats then yes maybe they were time consuming but now we have these fab snap on and go diapers… no folding necessary. When you take off the diaper you snap off, and chuck into a dry bucket until wash day. Washing the diapers does not take lots of time… your machine does it. Many moms cloth diaper and work full time. In winter when they take a bit longer to dry you can tumble dry them on low heat.

  1. They leak, don’t keep your baby dry and you have to change often!

No diaper is meant to be on the bum for extended periods, it is unhygienic. Even with disposables it is recommended to change every 2-3hours. Modern cloth diapers are designed to keep the baby dry with a stay dry lining on the diapers or inserts that wicks the moisture away from baby’s bottom. They can be very absorbent depending on how much absorbency you add. If you are getting leaks you need to adjust absorbency or change more frequently.

  1. They cause rashes and are unhygienic!

Disposable diapers were invented in 1948… it was many many years before they were freely available… before that it was ALL cloth… I was cloth diapered and a lot of people 30 and up in our country were too. In fact when cloth diapers are washed and rinsed properly in hot water they are the most hygienic system available for diapering. Kids are actually less prone to rashes in cloth diapers because of the breathability of the diapers and absence of chemicals. In general most cloth moms do not need bum cream as they don’t battle with rashes. This is the very reason I started cloth diapering my son.

  1. They are expensive!

After your initial investment, you don’t have to buy nappies again… and you can start with some very affordable options we will discuss further. Even taking into account water and soap and electricity it does not cost more in the long run. In addition, you can use them for more than one child and you can sell them on when you are done with them (as long as they are well looked after).

  1. They are bad for the environment because of steri nappy buckets to soak them in and how much detergent and water you use!

Nope! not any more! No reason to soak or steri nappy your cloth. In fact extended and repeated soaking in anything including water, degrades the natural fabrics of the nappies. Just chuck into a bucket or wash basket until wash day. The manufacturing process of disposables uses more water and energy than washing cloth! It also uses up more natural resources (wood pulp) and pollutes our environment while sitting in landfill. If you are concerned about detergent going back into our water sources there are plenty of biodegradeable and eco-friendly detergents you can use.

So, cloth diapering these days is easy. There are so many options!

Stacey tells us more about her own family's journey with Modern Cloth Nappies. Visit our website to listen to today's podcast on the common misconceptions around cloth.

Posted by Kingfisher FM on Monday, 6 February 2017

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