Why I won’t give up our cuddle time right now…

Why I won’t give up our cuddle time right now…

The first thing my little monkey does when he gets home from school, is to ask for bubbly water or milkshake (warm milk with a quarter of a teaspoon of nesquik… quite far from a milkshake in my eyes but that’s what he calls it). Then his next request is, “Mommy, come hold me on the couch.”

Our couch is a recliner and when he was a baby it was the most comfortable place to breast feed. So, our tradition started right in the beginning. This was our spot to cuddle. I try make sure that every day he gets at least 5 minutes of my undivided attention. It doesn’t matter if my day has gone badly, or we must be somewhere that evening, or I must make supper, or I have work to do… that 5 minutes is ours.

I won’t give up this five minutes for a few very important reasons:

  1. This is OUR time. This is the time when we catch up on what has happened during the day or we just sit, him in my arms having his drink.
  2. A lot of the day’s hurts can be healed by touch. I wholeheartedly believe that any eina or hurtful word he receives during the day can be forgotten with just five minutes of loving touch and comfort from his biggest fan. I have to admit… it even melts away my anxiety and stress from the day so Mommy gets a benefit too.
  3. We bond during this time. He is at a very challenging age when his temper often gets out of control and he doesn’t know how to express himself. This bonding time reaffirms that I love him and he is important to me, even if I have to be the “bad guy” later on.
  4. Quiet time at the end of a long day is amazing. My son’s nickname is baby foghorn because from the time he discovered his voice, he has communicated a few decibels above what my ears can tolerate. I treasure this quiet time when the endless questions are on pause and we can both wind down and relax.
  5. One day he won’t want to. He turns 3 in April and I am realising that the time is coming when he might not ask for a cuddle or tolerate it anymore. The sad reality of growing up.

So, while I can… we will continue to have our five minutes of cuddle time in OUR spot. Hopefully, as he grows up we will find something else to replace our cuddle and still give us bonding time.

Do you have something special that you and your kids do to bond?

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