Mother’s Day Reflections

Mother’s Day Reflections

In the run up to Mother’s Day I started writing a post as a gift guide for Dads and kids. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that I personally wanted nothing. I think most mothers feel the same, a lot of my friends do. This is not a trick, that’s exactly what we want. Just to be able to have one morning to sleep in or have some alone time and possibly have a hot cup of coffee. Because in most mothers lives we come last. We love fiercely and worry about everything. In the morning, we are busy packing school bags or getting everyone ready for the day, in between sipping luke warm coffee. All we need for our family to show us love and appreciation is a small break.

This was a particularly hard Mother’s day for our family, because we lost my Mom-in-law last October. There was a lot of sadness in the run-up to the day and I was keenly aware it could be a very difficult for my husband. Having lived very close to my in-laws, they are both a huge part of our lives and we always did something with them on the day. After a few months, the day to day sadness has gotten easier but it hits you when you least expect it to and special occasions are the worst. We miss her very much. Despite that, I woke up to my husband dropping off a hot coffee (and a pressie which was so not expected) and taking my son out of our bed so that I could have a lie in. Already it was the BEST DAY EVER! The present he picked out was unnecessary but very appreciated and so thoughtful. A new pair of my favourite pyjamas for winter. Since it was a weekend, it was not complete without some sort of necessary house maintenance. Off we went to Builders Warehouse, my least favourite place in the world. Before shopping we had brunch at the Coffee Stop. Instead of having to follow my hubby around through endless boring aisles, I got to sit and finish my brunch in peace. Heaven! On the way home, the monkey fell asleep and then had a three-hour nap! Virtually unheard of in our house. We then had a lovely family braai during which the kids played fairly happily with minimal moaning. The day ended off with cuddling on the couch watching the Lion King.

It was a peaceful (well as peaceful as it can get with a toddler) and simple day. The small changes and a little bit of a break made me feel completely appreciated, heard and loved. Mother’s Day does not have to be about the gifts, just the little things you do can make any Mom very happy. I hope you all had a wonderful day. What did you get up to?   

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