Toddler fascinations.

Toddler fascinations.

It always amazes me what children find fascinating. For Ethan, most loud sounds are completely amazing! From before he could walk you could turn on ANY MUSIC and he will laugh and smile and dance. From the second he discovered that the human body could make noises he would laugh at every shout, scream, burp, fart and laugh that he heard.

Ethan also absolutely adores getting a fright! Last night we watched a short video clip of a monitor lizard on replay for about thirty minutes. In the clip, the lizard is casually walking across a lawn and swishing its tongue in and out. Then suddenly it attacks the camera. I got the fright of my life and he jumped, but he still insisted on watching it over and over. He got a fright and giggled every single time! 

One of his newest games is to blow moths. GanGan taught him not to touch the moths because you can hurt them but if you blow on them, they fly away. The other morning in our house, we discovered one very cold little butterfly. It was completely floppy and this meant I could coax it onto my hand to show him.

The interaction started out well. He was loving it and talking about the butterfly. He blew on it a few times and nothing happened. He said “butterfly dudu” because it was lying on its side and looked like it was sleeping.

Then suddenly, (possibly because of his warm breath) one of his attempts to blow the butterfly off my hand, resulted in the butterfly suddenly coming to life… and landing ON him! He got a fright and you could see the panic and worry on his face. He knew not to touch it though and waited for me to take it off. Once it was off, I was rewarded with “Thanks Mommy!” and then he was straight back to blowing on it and talking like nothing happened.

I love how he is started to develop a feel for what interactions he feels comfortable with. It is completely amusing how much he loved that butterfly when it was on his terms. Coincidentally, I love how he says butterfly and I happened to be trying to video him talking for his Nana (who doesn’t get to see him often). This meant I got the whole interaction on video. Hope you enjoy it and get a giggle out of it.




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