A weekend on the farm.

A weekend on the farm.

For the long weekend last week, we decided to visit my Uncle and Aunt’s farm. Ethan has been going there since he was a month old and he even took his first steps in the passageway in the farm house. It has some beautiful memories for us as a family. On the public holiday, we made sure we left very early so that Ethan would wake up on the farm. This is one of the tricks we have learned travelling with Ethan… an unconscious child is a much happier traveler haha. After an hour and a half of driving, we were just turning onto the farm road when he woke up and realized where he was. It was amazing to see the excitement as he pointed out the window and shouted, “GanGan and Jooohn!” (his pet names for my Uncle and Aunt). 

As soon as he could show interest in anything other than boob, he has loved the farm. Whats not to love… fresh air… animals, dirt, stones, sticks and of course… QUAD BIKES! Anything with wheels is an addiction for most little boys… but there is a special place in my child’s heart for bikes. If you so much as look the other way for a few seconds… he has disappeared and you can find him perched on one of the bikes. He loves nothing better than being taken for a ride. We went on a lovely hour long bike ride just the two of us. It was so much fun to hear him finally shouting all the animals names. After a day or so, he started proudly telling us that his favorite animal is the “zeeebra”. Our favorite ride takes us to the top of lookout hill which has an amazing view of the farm. The Karoo has an intrinsic beauty even when its so very dry.

Entertaining a little boy is fairly simple… if bikes fail to entertain… then all you need is a few containers, stones and sticks. Ethan created a beautiful forest using sticks and then spent ages pouring stones and dirt from one container to another. 

Some of the most amazing experiences on this farm, are the close encounters we get with animals. The animals are not disturbed so they have no fear, you can get very close without any reaction other than curiosity. I have had giraffe, wildebeest and blesbok sniffing my bird ringing nets…barely 2 meters away from me. On this particular occasion my aunt, husband and Ethan got within 3 meters of a sleeping mountain zebra. It was sleeping so soundly that it appeared to be dead. It was only after a few ear twitches that they realized it was alive and sleeping. Ethan and I frequently get close to the giraffe. The giraffe are so curious and occasionally I quickly move along before Ethan decides petting a giraffe is a good idea. 

This beautiful arid farm is our get away spot. A place to switch off all technology (there is bad cell signal and no TV), and truly unwind. The sunsets and stars in the Karoo are truly a sight to behold. Do you have a get away spot that helps you unwind?

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