Our first year of Elf on the shelf

Our first year of Elf on the shelf

I vividly remember getting letters from the elves when I was a child, only to discover years later that my older cousins were writing the letters. I really appreciated that they kept the magic alive for me and loved Christmas with my family.

As a result, I absolutely love Christmas and once my sone was old enough, I wanted to create some magic for him. Enter the “Elf on the shelf” craze, now here was a craze I could totally get on board with. Snitch was born! Named Snitch because if Ethan was naughty, he could decide to “snitch” on him to Santa!

The first year was a delightful balance between preparation and “mad panic” because I forgot until the morning.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what our elf got up to, and that it gave you a few ideas! Follow my page on Facebook to see what our elf gets up to this year!

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