Letter to my little man

Letter to my little man
To my darling Ethan
It’s about an hour before we get up to go to the hospital. I am lying here unable to sleep. All I can think about is how our world is about to change. You are fast asleep and blissfully ignorant of what is coming. I have been shedding tears silently over the last few days. Knowing our relationship as mother and son is about to change. Knowing that in a blink of an eye, there is going to be another little person that needs me more and demands more of me than you. Knowing that I am going to miss you, the you and me that we have right now.
You are so excited about being a big brother and having a baby sister. I know you don’t entirely understand all that it entails right now. I love you for this and know you are going to be an amazing big brother to our little Queen Bee. You are gentle and loving with small kids. Helpful and caring by nature. Yes you are also loud and stubborn but luckily she will love her big brother anyway.
Before we go and shatter this little party of 3! There are a few things I want you to know:

– You were and always will be the first little person to come crashing into my heart.
– You will always have boundless space in my heart, no matter how many other little people sneak in.
– I am so very proud of the amazing little person you are growing into.
– You are so much more than I could have imagined when you were growing in my tummy. So full of life, fun and plenty of character.
– I promise to always have time for just you.
– You are and always will be my baby!
I love you so very much!



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