Kingfisher Interview Cloth Nappies Part 4- Savings

Kingfisher Interview Cloth Nappies Part 4- Savings

In February 2017, I was blessed to be asked by Lize-Mari Arthur from Kingfisher FM to take part in her “God’s Design” series. This would enable me to help educate people about Modern cloth and all the ins and outs. This blog is one I wrote for the series. At the end you will find links to the Facebook live videos and podcasts off the Kingfisher FM Facebook page and website. Enjoy the fourth and final installment of the Kingfisher FM series!

Hello everyone,

When prospective cloth parents come to see me… it is usually about cost saving. So… do we really make a saving on using cloth vs disposables?


A cheap brand of disposables could cost you R2.80 per nappy.

My son does 8 changes per day excluding night nappies so for me to use disposables… I would pay 8 x R2.80 = R22.40 per day.

Or 365 x 22.40 = R8 176 per year.

Most children potty train between 2 and 3 years old… boys closer to 3 years so I would be spending about 3 x R8 176 = R24 528 on disposables during his diaper years. If you potty train at the earliest time you are looking at 2 x R8 176 = R16 352.

This cost excludes all the wet wipes, nappy sacks, nappy bin liners and bum cream you will need.

Cloth Nappies:

For the most commonly used or popular nappies… printed pocket nappies… you are looking at about R80 per nappy with one microfiber insert. You can get them cheaper if you buy in bulk and plain nappies are also cheaper. You can also use flats and covers if you want to really be budget conscious.

We recommend about 25 nappies if you are washing every 2/3 days.

Your nappy stash will cost 25 x R80 = R2 000. Inevitably you will need extra inserts so if you buy the most expensive inserts which are hemp you are looking at 25 x R40 = R1 000.

From 5kg to potty training you will spend R3 000 on a cloth nappy stash.

What about the washing you ask? One of admins from the South African Cloth Nappy Users group worked out that for one load of washing you will spend approximately:

Electricity R1.59 + Max water for large load R2.50 + Detergent sunlight gel R1.30 = R5.39 per load of washing.

If you do 2 extra loads per week 52 x R10.78 = R560.56 per year

If you would like to see more cost break downs visit

If you cloth diaper for 2 years you will pay R4 121.12 to cloth diaper your child and wash those diapers in a machine.

If you cloth diaper for 3 years you will pay R4 681.68 to cloth diaper your child and wash those diapers in a machine.

# of years





R16 352

R4 121.12

R12 230.88


R24 528

R4 681.68

R19 846.32

How can I save more?

  1. Babies that are cloth diapered tend to get less rashes and as a result cloth diapered kids use less bum cream. In addition, you can get a reusable “wet bag” to store your nappies in instead of using nappy sacks and bags.
  2. If you take care of your nappies, you could use them on more than one child.
  3. Instead of going for middle of the range cloth diapers, you can buy covers and flats to save money.
  4. You can repurpose old T-shirts, flannel baby blankets, receiving blankets, old dish towels or anything in your house that can absorb moisture.
  5. Instead of using disposable wipes you can cut up old receiving blankets and wet them to be used as wipes. They just get washed with the nappies.
  6. You can use sunlight gel on your clothes and nappies to reduce detergent costs.
  7. You can buy preloved on the buy/sell/trade group on Facebook and if you look after your diapers, you can sell them when you are done.

An amazing cost saving for any family!

Stacey from Smart Bums showing us how to repurpose an old T-shirt as a Nappy. Anything can be a cloth Nappy!#ClothNappies #ResponibleStewards #Frugal #Saving

Posted by Kingfisher FM on Monday, 27 February 2017

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