Making the change!

Making the change!

There seems to be a massive movement from living using disposable products to using eco-friendlier and cost economical reusable products. Have you made the change to reusable sanitary items?

Soon after I started using cloth nappies on my son, a switch in my head went on. Once I stopped having to buy disposables, I thought why should I be buying disposable sanitary items? Not to mention, if chemicals were not going to touch my baby’s skin, why then would I allow them in my body or touching my body? Quick warning, if you are squeamish and don’t want to hear about vagina’s and menstruation then stop reading now.

After considering reusable sanitary products, I settled on trying two. Cloth pads (or mama cloth) and a menstrual cup. I diligently ordered different types of both and did all the research. Cloth pads are just that, a pad made from material that fasten onto your underwear with a snap (or velcro). A menstrual cup is cup shape and made of medical grade silicone.

These are both healthier, reuseable and ecofriendly alternatives to sanitary pads and tampons. They help maintain the natural flora and pH of the vagina, as well as avoiding dryness.

Cloth pads are simple to use, they just require being washed in between uses. They vary in absorption so you can buy different pads for different flows.

Menstrual cups need to be rinsed between uses but the advantage is they hold a lot of liquid. They only need to be changed every 12 hours depending on flow.

The first few times I used cloth pads and the menstrual cup I felt it extremely hard to get my head around dealing differently with blood but it soon became the norm. Just like cloth nappies, it was a mental shift going from disposable items to reusable. I found the cloth pad experience very similar to disposables, the only difference was throwing it in a bucket for washing instead of in a bin. I personally have never liked pads even disposable ones so I much preferred the cup.

I found the insertion of the cup so smooth and easy the first time but when removing it I panicked. I ended up calling my friend worried I had lost it. Only now do I understand it is impossible to lose it. Every time I remember that moment though it makes me laugh. Luckily now I am now able to advise other people on how to “find” it again. The insertion can sometimes be a bit rocky but once you get the hang of it, they are amazing.

Why I love them?! Menstrual cups create a seal and contain blood internally like a tampon so this reduces odours, leaving you feeling fresh all day. Menstrual cups are so soft and flexible that they are very comfortable, and I can almost forget it’s there sometimes. They are completely discrete as there are no strings or padding. They are perfect for all lifestyles even sports. They can even be used during swimming! Once you get the hang of them, they are so easy to use! Since I started using the cup I have seen a dramatic reduction in cramping. I am convinced that my body was reacting the something in tampons before!

Nowadays, I encourage all my friends and relatives to try these other options. I completely believe that we need to minimise our exposure to chemicals. An even better plus is that they are reusable so you really cut down on monthly costs! No more wandering down that aisle selecting sanitary items that result in you throwing your money away. Try it if you haven’t, what have you got to lose? There is so much to gain! If you have made the change, I would love to hear your story!

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