Why I cloth diaper!

Why I cloth diaper!

I never expected to be a cloth diapering Mom. I always pictured terry nappies, steri buckets and lot and lots of poo. I thought it was gross and too much like hard work. I did not know about modern cloth nappies. While we were going through the pregnancy, we followed our friends advice and started collecting bags and bags of disposables. Around the time of my baby shower we had a nappy braai and all our friends bought a packet of disposables. We were so proud of our large stash of disposables and we felt very prepared.

Our little monster arrived and we carried on with life… with a newborn. He suffered so badly from colic and reflux and screamed constantly. We started noticing that his bum ALWAYS had a rash and it looked terribly sore. We bought a couple of different brands of disposables and it just seemed to get worse. I was very lucky to have been invited to join a baby group and had met a Mom that cloth diapered from birth. We became friends and she helped me on my cloth journey, she was always willing to answer questions and trouble shoot. I am so very grateful to her (thanks Lauren). After about a week of using cloth full time during the day, his rashes were almost completely gone. It was such a relief to be able to fix something. I kept thinking… even though I cannot fix his reflux and colic… at least I have done one thing right!

It was only months later that another friend said to me, “I am so proud of you… its so good for the environment!” and I finally realized all the other amazing benefits of cloth (thanks Paula).

Do you cloth diaper? Tell us your story. 

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