Double elf madness!

Double elf madness!

Ethan absolutely loved seeing what Snitch had got up to, so we decided to continue the tradition. With a second child in the house, Santa sent us a second elf to keep an eye on the kids. I am not sure how Sparkles became her name; it does sound kind of “elfish” and goes well with the name Snitch.

After the panicked mornings last year, I decided I was going to be more prepared. So, I drafted a list of 24 activities that the elves could do. It went “sort of” to plan, except for the days I was away for work and Dad took over. All in all, the kids knew no different and absolutely loved it!

These antics have added an element of magic to the days before Christmas and I cannot wait to get started this year! Follow my page on Facebook for the latest antics!

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